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Patients Speak Their Mind


Dear Dr. Kolb 

         Thank you for diagnosing my breast cancer in August 2015. I am very grateful for your hand picked referral to Dr's... who were exceptional. After my treatment I returned to radiant health and I am now pregnant for the first time. Thank you for your expertise, responsiveness and collaboration. With gratitude..."

                                        I.C 37 years old

          "Dr. Kolb is a doctor's doctor and I

knew I was in excellent hands the minute I saw him personally looking carefully at my mammograms. Before finding Dr. Kolb, two other prominent physicians, both associated with top tier hospitals, told me in no uncertain terms that I needed to have a biopsy. Dr. Kolb took the time and made the effort to go above and beyond in the review of all of my records and new and old mammograms. In other words, he is not part of the establishment which now considers a biopsy 'no big deal' or 'standard procedure'. Ultimately, the biopsy was not needed and Dr. Kolb saved me dollars and years of unnecessary worry. I left his office relieved and most appreciative".


                                         Constance Klein

     "I started see Dr. Kolb ten years ago when on a routine breast exam they noticed something irregular. I immediately called a friend and she told me I need to go and see the best. She referred me to Dr. Kolb. During this time period I had lost my husband four months before this happened. I was terrified and all I could think of was that my children were going to loose another parent. Everything turned out fine after a needle biopsy and surgical biopsy. I moved to Atlanta four years ago but still come up to New York every six months. People ask me why I don't find a doctor in Atlanta and I say because I could not find a more competent, knowledgeable and caring human being to care for me. Having him as my doctor is a gift."

                                            Sharon G.

        "I have been a patient of Dr. Kolb for over 15 years. I was sent to him by one of the top breast surgeons in the country. My mother was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and because of my extremely dense breasts it was recommended that I be followed by both a yearly mammogram and a sonogram. Dr. Kolb performs the sonograms himself. Feedback is immediate. Dr. Kolb's office is extremely comfortable, the staff treats you with kindness and respect. Dr. Kolb takes the time to listen to any concerns, he always answers all questions and I never feel rushed. He is regarded the best in his field and I believe I am receiving the best possible care especially for a high risk patient as myself."

                                             Audrey Garr

       "When I sent flowers to the surgeon who performed my elegant and unnoticeable breast and node biopsy with clear margins in 2014 he thanked me but said, "It's Dr. Kolb who should get flowers, he saved your life." 
Dr. Thomas Kolb is famous for pioneering ultrasound for the detection of breast cancer but I didn't know how important the ability to do and read an ultrasound was until he found a tiny tiny suspicious mass on my left breast that anyone else would have missed. He does the ultrasound himself and tells you right then and there that everything looks great, or that the bump is just scar tissue from your previous DCIS or…not. He knew at once the tiny mass (so small you could not feel it) he saw on his ultrasound screen should be biopsied. And it was not benign, it was invasive. He caught it so early it had not spread to my nodes…and his office even found my surgeon. 

If you look closely, you may see Dr. Kolb has angel wings. I would never see anyone else!"


          "I have been a patient of Dr. Kolb's for about eleven years. I have very dense, nodular breasts and a significant family history of breast cancer. Dr. Kolb has performed a biopsy on me on five different masses. So far, I have been very fortunate that all were benign. However, watching both my sister and my mother's sister go through breast cancer treatments, I am highly aware of monitoring my breasts. Dr. Kolb has always provided me with excellent care. He is extremely thorough in his exam and in the reading of my films. When there is the slightest suspicion of anything changing in my breasts, he allows me to view my films, then discusses it with me, and encourages me to make a follow up appointment to ensure that there is no significant change. I feel that I have a doctor who is "right on top of it" when it comes to the health of my breasts. I feel that if I ever do have a cancerous growth, Dr. Kolb will catch it in time to give me the best opportunity to beat it. I have great confidence in Dr. Kolb. He is a straight shooter who really does care about the well being his patients"


                                           Carol Horwood

         "Thank god, I saw Dr. Kolb who personally did my ultrasound and not a random technologist at a clinic or hospital. His diagnostic capability is matched only by his caring an concern"

                                              SM, CEO

      Seventeen years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Multiple surgeries and extensive follow up treatment left me happy to be alive, but nerve wracked about my future health. Looking for relief in something that I could do pro-actively, as well as gain faith in the reliability of physicians and the tests that they take, I asked Sloan Kettering, "How can I best protect myself?" I then followed quickly with another question, "Who can I rely on to help me?"

       The response on living a healthy lifestyle was typical in information and unimpressive in tone. However, the adjoining statement that was spoken with great emphasis, was not: "And use Dr. Kolb as your radiologist. Dr. Kolb here in the city." I replied, "You say that emphatically. Why?" "Because if you leave his office and he says that you are clear? Then you can rest assured that you are clear. If anything is going on, he will see it. He is the best that there is. You will be able to sleep at night."

        Those words were like a warm blanket after being out in a chilling storm. I saw Dr. Kolb I trusted him. Seventeen years later, I still do.

        Being greatly gifted, extraordinarily knowledgeable and highly respected in any given medical field where swift and proper diagnosis leads to life saving treatment- is admirable. The Doctor... Dr. Thomas Kolb and his expertise is very admirable. Which in turn, provides me with feeling secure in his examination and the results that he gives. But what makes him different than many other talents within the medical field, is who he is as Thomas Kolb, the man. He has a kindness, a consideration and a generosity about him that provides- along with the security in his ability- a comfort in his care. Like he told me just today, " I've got your back." Yes he does. And he's got the backs of all of those fortunate enough to walk into his office.

         I have always wondered how I could possibly thank him for all of his years of service and help. This is such a small thing. Thank You Dr. Kolb for all that you do. May your bright light continue to shine as you help to heal... and may you always be richly blessed.

                  Elena Russell Rodriguez

"Dr. Thomas Kolb, M.D. is kind, knowledgeable,and compassionate. I highly recommend working with Dr. Thomas Kolb, M.D., and know that I will return again and again for all of my medical needs."

Frankie Bolder

       "I really must express my appreciation of Dr. Kolb's bedside manner. Of course, he's meticulous almost obsessive as a physician, but the care with which he explains things and eases your anxiety is equally unparalleled. I've had a few small scares and nothing compares with the manner in which he addresses our worst fears and the detailed description of how he will care for you. He's a remarkable doctor."


                                   Jessica Hecht

     "Even after being cancer free for 17 years I still get nervous before my annual mammograms and my semi annual sonograms. Dr. Kolb always puts my mind at ease and that peace of mind is worth everything".

                                      Ann P.

        "None of us will ever know how many lives Dr. Kolb has actually saved, but they must be in the thousands. I know many of these woman; they are mothers, daughters, grandmothers and wives, and  they are here today only because of his laser focus, fine-tuned "gut" and intuition, which he has the confidence to follow even when other doctors would not. Personally, he has, emotionally and physically, held my hand, countless times when I needed it most. He is empathetic, compassionate, and has common sense, which sadly seems to be so rare in medicine today. In my professional life I'm known as "Annie Gets it Done" and I would say the same of Dr. Kolb. He goes the extra mile for all his patients and from the moment you meet him, you know you are in the very best of hands. I truly feel so blessed to have him as my doctor."

Ann Cutbill Lenane

           "I have been regularly seeing Dr. Kolb for at least 25 years. After a mastectomy five years ago, I now see him twice a year. Dr. Kolb is extremely diligent and immensely knowledgeable, a leader in the radiology field and a particular specialist in sonograms. One of my other doctors advised me not to go elsewhere, and I have followed the advice. Dr. Kolb is also a very pleasant person, which is important, particularly when test results can have unpleasant ramifications."


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